Sunday, November 14, 2004


One unforseen consequence of the internet is that we all kink in our own way. Virtually everyone has elements of their psyche that, while not unique, are rare, sometimes exceedingly so. Before the internet, when most people's social interactions were limited to a small number of people with whom they maintained face to face relationships, people kept quiet about their kinks, sexual or otherwise. This made sense: the vast majority would be likely to label anyone possessing them as either demented or simply mad.

The internet has changed that. Now, a vast number of subcultures are being knitted together out of the scattered masses who share those rare memes. Some are innocuous, others disturbing, most just weird. Regardless, they exist. Virtually every netizen eventually finds those odd little communities to which he belongs (I know I have. And for the prying voyeurs out there, the answer is no, I'm not telling.) The result is, perhaps inevitably, that people these days tend to kink in ever stranger, more eccentric patterns. The strange parts of the psyche, the ones you don't talk about with even your closest friends, the ones you keep secret from your wife, these propensities that previous people termed perversions (or PTPPTP's) become exaggerated.

I can't help but wonder if this development is not unlike that which occured when the first proteins started to fold themselves into strange and specialized functions. But enough speculation.

What I do know is that this, creatures and gentlebeings, is why there's so many assholes these days.


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