Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Hazy Predictions for 2005

Other bloggers seem to feel entirely comfortable making predictions. So I figure I'll get in ahead of the game. If any of what follow proves wildly inaccurate, feel free to call me on it; in fact, in one year I will revisit these predictions. Before acting on any of these, keep in mind: you get what you pay for (contact me if you wish to have me held to a higher standard of accountability.) In the upcoming year, I expect to see the following events (in no particular chronological order):

1. Further Islamic unrest in Europe, possibly including video-taped atrocities involving kidnapped people. EU governments will resoluetely refuse to publicly admit that they have a problem with muslims, and will continue criticizing american actions. Mainstream EU opinion will continue to be anti-US; meanwhile, friction between Eurotrash and Eurabians will continue to break out into isolated pockets of violence.

2. At least one part of the US economy will collapse in spectacular fashion. My money's on the money. It won't surprise me if CAD $1.00 > US $1.00 by this time next year (assuming of course that our currency doesn't follow suit.) Capitalism, as always, will be blamed.

3. Terrorist attack(s) on U.S. soil. Not necessarily committed by arabs, though: it's more likely to be American citizens, born and bred, who have either converted to Islam or are acting out of a purely political loathing for the American government (radical Blue-staters.)

4. Mainstream media will become even more irrelevant with the rise in vlogging (ie, videoblogging.) Ordinary people will increasingly get their news from the net, and the polarization of our culture will continue.

5. Breakthroughs in bioinfonanotech will continue apace. Old media industries will continue to flounder ineffectually to preserve their business models. What we laughingly call our leaders will be increasingly out of touch with the way things work, now.

6. At least one important personage will be assassinated.

7. The march towards the illegalization of tobacco in the western world will continue.

8. There will be a revolution in Iran.

9. Efforts on the part of France and Germany to rein in the free-wheeling Eastern republics will flounder. Old Europe's fate is demographically sealed.

10. I will still be drinking beer and smoking weed and tobacco. I will also have gotten laid.


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