Thursday, November 25, 2004

Iraqi W"M"D's

Apparently, a mosque in Fallujah contained not just one of the largest weapons caches found in Iraq to date, but also a chemical weapons lab. No details yet on just what kind of chemical weapons the insurgents were making.

Note that quotation marks around the "M" in the acronym. Chemical weapons aren't really good for mass destruction, being notoriously unreliable; if they were actually useful for killing people, the professional militaries of the world's powers wouldn't eschew them. Still, given that those on the left as well as the right generally class chemical weapons as WMDs, and their absence as evidence that BUSH LIED!!!! PEOPLE DIED!!!! I can only say, Ha!, and again, Ha! No WMDs in Iraq? So a bunch of undisciplined barbarian fanatics in Fallujah could run a chemical weapons program that Saddam, with the resources of the nation at his disposal, could not? Please.


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