Saturday, December 18, 2004

Tobacco Control

So it's official. Anti-smoking bylaws in Toronto have sweet fuck all to do with public health. The issue (as was obvious from the beginning) is all about control: there are now plans by the city to prosecute bars trying to attract nicotine-addicted customers with heated patios (I'd provide a link to this, but the story was in the Toronto Sun, and their webpage won't load.) The only people who frequent said patios are smokers, because heated or not, it's still warmer inside. Non-smokers, feeling no persistent nicotine craving, have no reason to leave the warmth, and they don't. There's no public health issue here: smokers don't worry a lot about second hand smoke (the science behind which is dubious, at best) given that they're already inhaling the first-hand kind, so trying to protect smokers from second-hand smoke strikes me as misguided at best. The socialist assholes in Council saw that entrepreneurs around the city were finding loopholes, had aneurysms at the thought that someone might be trying to slip their control, and are cracking down on the flimsy pretext of concern for the health of others.

Where's Guy Fawkes when you need him?


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