Friday, February 25, 2005

Regarding International Law

A thoughtful post over at Normblog. The essence of the article is that, while international law is something that we cannot afford to do without, at the same time it is hardly perfect, either. International 'law' that respects the rights of nation-state to torture its own citizens, commit genocide, and engage in other atrocities is no sort of law at all.

The article quotes extensively from an Atlantic Monthly piece, The Accuser, from March 2005. It describes in painful detail what Saddam and his Ba'athists did to the kurds, and others, in Iraq. Anyone who can read this and still defend an anti-war position needs to give their head a shake.


Blogger Decadent Leftist said...

Oh wow. Saddam Hussein was a bad guy. Golly gee whiz. You mean a dictator in the middle east killed lots of people? Wow. I didn't know that. Wow. I guess anyone who opposed the war must secretly support him. But hey- he's still killed thousands more Iraqis than the US has...of course, he was in power for 20+ years and the US has only really been occupying them for about 3 years now. (Not including the civilian deaths from sanctions and 1991 bombing campaign).

Oh well- glad to see we got rid of Saddam. Otherwise we'd be still be stuck with tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians and about 1500 American heros. And we can't have that.

I like how the blog article goes into cheap emotionalizing and how the anit-war movement supports Saddam and hates freedom. The irony of course is that the US supported Saddam (under the tutilage of American Presidental God-King Ronald Reagan) with arms and what not while he was committing these atrocities on a large scale?

No? It's just "SADDAM WAS A BAD GUY?" and "OPPOSE IRAQI WAR= LOVE SADDAM". Oh the irony.

Christ. We need a return to balance of power/sphere of influence politics VERY badly.

(PS- Read one article on IL and all the sudden you're the International Realtions expert.Ha.)
(PPS-Its so cute how you're trying to bait people. You know i'm the best thing that's ever happened to this mud puddle of a website)

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