Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Some Disconnected Thoughts on the Budget

A friend of mine sent me an excerpt to a NYT story on the budget, referrencing the expected (massive) cost over-runs of the medicare program, along with the following commentary:

Gee, like this wasn't TOTALLY FUCKING OBVIOUS when the bill waspassed. Shit, it's going to be more than 720 AND GUESS WHO GETS TOPAY THAT BILL - ME! I hate Bush so, so much.

As usual, I sent off a half-baked reply, which I reproduce below simply because I can:

But look on the bright side: the boomers won't have to pay for all those over-priced pharmaceuticals. It's OBVIOUSLY far more ethical for our generation to forgo such needless extravagances as cars, homes, and children, in order keep our parents alive for a few extra years. I mean, these ARE the boomers we're talking about here ... the world revolves around them.

More seriously, do you imagine the situation would be any better with Kerry in power? Or any other democrat for that matter? I didn't pay too much attention to the whole issue, but something tells me that the House democrats, if they complained about the budget, complained far more about military expenditures than about medicaid. Bush isn't the problem here; it's far more systemic than that. I see medicaid as a bribe to the american people: we give you 'free' drugs, you let us pump up the army and make the world safe for democracy. Which says a lot about the boomers: their parents, during WWII, said, "Hmm, we're at war ... maybe we should cut back on spending at home in order to support the war effort." But the boomers, sacrifice some federal entitlements for the war? Hell, most of their females wouldn't even sacrifice a few years of their career to raise their children.

I don't blame Bush; he's just playing to the Grampa Simpson constituency. "I'm old! Gimme!"As obvious as it was that this program would cost roughly twice what the White House said it would, it's equally apparent that it's not sustainable. This can't go on forever, and as wise man say, "If something can't go on forever, it won't."


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