Tuesday, March 01, 2005

An Arizona School Board's Call to Prayer

I couldn't resist blogging this. Seems that a parent in Arizona has noticed that his kid's curriculum is, shall we say, somewhat biased in favor of Islam. The faculty probably see it as an opportunity to be politically correct. The Muslims no doubt see it as an opportunity to proselytize. Same thing as with environmentalism and science curriculums, really. As usual, the kids get caught in the middle, and many won't realize whether they're being fed bullshit (or sanitized pap that dwells on nice poetry while conveniently omitting the slave status of women) until they're older; others won't realize it's bullshit at all.

Hopefully this stays in Arizona. Something tells me it won't get much further; if parents start complaining that their schools' religion classes are being used as Islamic recruiting centers, there's gonna be a lot of board members not getting re-elected the next term. Still, I think this does show the dangers inherent in letting teachers teach whatever they damn well please, regardless of parents' wishes. Great when you're trying to keep creationism out of the science curriculum, not so hot when the teachers decide to help people who want your daughter to willingly wrap a hijab around her head.


Blogger Decadent Leftist said...

You just cited an unverified account from the comments sections of a blog.


You don't seem to be dumb.

Stop acting like you are.

Also: Remember our discussion about torture? I said it was with precidence and international law and custom behind me, you said pyschological abuse wasn't torture and jumped to the "WHY DO U HAT AMERICA AND LUV TERRORISTSSSS???? NEVAR FORGET!!!911!!" tactic?

I'd advise you to look at the US State Department's Human Rights report for 2004, as well as Amnesty International's report for the year.

Some intresting conclusions and findings- especially under the "Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment"; "Arbitrary Arrest or Detention" and " Denial of Fair Public Trial" sections.

How oddly familar some of those assertions seem to be.

10:52 PM  
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