Sunday, March 20, 2005

Army Tries to Raise Morale, Airforce Captain Outraged

So the Purrfect Angelz are sent on a USO tour to boost the morale of the boys in Iraq, and a female Air Force captain feels compelled to speak out against the show. Speaking, not in her official capacity but as an 'outraged woman', Sharon Kibiloski is outraged that the army would allow such a debauched show to take place. This raises the question of what Capt. Kibiloski 's doing speaking in anything but an official capacity. I can't remember ever having heard a soldier say, "Speaking, not in my official capacity, but as an outraged man...." Guess the rules are different when you get to use the clean bathroom.

The problem? Apparently, she's offended that the military is trying to appeal to the 18-25 male demographic in its ranks - you know, as in the vast majority of enlisted soldiers - with a quartet of scantily clad on-stage temptresses. She's offended that the show doesn't appeal to everyone, especially women (solution: don't go see it.) She's worried that soldiers will leave the show so horny they can't control themselves, and might sexually harass their female comrades (solution: charge the idiots that do. Especially if they're dumb enough to make a pass at you: you're a freaking Captain.)

Sheesh, lady, lighten up. You join an organization composed primarily of males - an organization that, until recently, was composed exclusively of males, and has a corresponding set of traditions and habits - and you pretty much have to learn to be one of the guys. That includes taking off-color jokes in stride, and it includes letting the boys in uniform be reminded, every once in a while, of just what it is they're fighting for. I mean, they're in a war zone. Every day could be their last. And you're worried they might get turned on by a little USO T&A? Get your priorities straight. I'd think you'd have more pressing concerns, such as the possibility that - on the off chance USO takes you seriously, and bans future shows - you'll be fingered as the culprit by a country full of horny, homesick troops. And, you know, that could make for some really uncomfortable conversation in the Officer's Mess.


Blogger Decadent Leftist said...

I KNOW!!!! Those dumb bitches better such their goddamn mouths and start making OUR BRAVE TROOPS ***American*** Apple Pie.

Tailhook was soooooo yesterday.

And all those hundreds of dumb bitches who keep complaining about being sexually assaulted and the military doing nothing about it (or punishing them!) should just suck it up and realize that rape and sexual harassment is just another way of saying YOU'RE ONE OF THE BOYS.

HEY: If that bitch gets her way, maybe the fighting men of the US OF A can get back at her! Treat her like shit! She's just a dumb gash anyways!
Probably a total lezbo as well. You know what God's army does to faggots and dykes? That's right! Bash their heads in and give them dishonerable discharges!!!!!
Can't let them fight in combat as well! Fags and women lower the esprit de corps!

It's like some general somewhere said "I don't want my morale lowered by women bleeding on me for five days or fags sucking my dick while I'm killing children and civilians!!!"

Oh wait. It's just a "few bad apples" and in no way systemic. MY BAD

Also: What "they're fighting for"? What? Are you a bad movietone from World War II? Did the Iraq menace threaten the right of American (or even IRAQ) women to wear revealing clothes? Did Saddam twirl his moustache and cackle manically as his ELITE SEXUAL REPRESSION Squad gave him plans detailing as how to destroy the AMERICAN MALE sex drive?

Jesus. Just stop before you hurt yourself.
Go back to talking about physics and science. At least there you know what you're talking about.

11:34 AM  

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