Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Shari'a in School (And No, I'm Not Talking About Madrassas)

It's always nice to know that Stalin's useful idiots are still around, even if they have found a new (though as yet unacknowledged) ideological ally. The left has always been willing to serve as a fifth column in the U.S. (and, really, just about everywhere else.) Exhibit A: marketing shari'a to American youth, using PBS, pre-made lesson plans, and textbooks extolling the virtues of Islam. Like Bruce Sterling said, if you own the youth, you own the future. And it looks like a lot of American high schools are selling their youth to CAIR at cut-rate prices.

You have to admit that it would be ironic if, fifty or sixty years after soundly trouncing Islamofascism on the battlefield and forcibly democratizing the Arab world, a large minority of Americans (probably blue staters, who tend not to raise their kids to be explicitly Christian) start converting to Islam. At which point, those evil redneck conservatives from the red states would start to look pretty darn liberal in comparison. I can see it now, a bunch of grey haired Vermonters scratching their heads at the burqas and the modques that have sprouted like mushrooms in their secular hippie paradise, wondering, how the hell did this happen? To which the answer is, you let your kids be indoctrinated in public school into thinking Islam is innocuous ... and then their children started converting, just to piss off their parents, started converting.....

It's the sort of grand historical joke the Great Pumpkin seems to enjoy playing on imperial powers (think of the Romans, who spent decades pummeling the Jews, only to end up worshipping one.)


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Stalin's useful idiots and Islamofascism?


Those are the words that dumb people use!

Did you just jerk off to Bill O'Riley?

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